Chief Snider

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Chief Snider. A Celebration of Life memorial will be held this Sunday, Dec. 15, at Alder Creek Middle School in Milwaukie. The program will begin at 2:30 p.m. The address is 13801 SE Webster Road, Milwaukie, OR 97267, just off Hwy. 224, (Milwaukie Expressway), and 1/2 mile west of Hwy. 205. [map]

All Tribal members are encouraged to bring drums.

Parking is a premium so arrive early. The family welcomes anyone who would like to join in remembering Chief.

In Their Footsteps Lecture Series

Susan Glen, US Coast Guard Air Station and Group Astoria – 1:00 pm; Visitor Center Netul River Room

In Their Footsteps Lecture Series

Albert Furtwangler, Reading the West—and Surviving There: Explorers, Traders, and Missionaries at the Mouth of the Columbia, 1:00 pm; Visitor Center Netul River Room

In Their Footsteps Lecture Series

Junius Rochester, Lewis’ Traveling Library– 1:00 pm; Visitor Center Netul River Room

Hometown Tourism Day and National Public Lands Day

Free admission

In Their Footsteps Lecture Series

Frank Help, Cold Weather Survival; a Way of Life – 1:00 pm; Visitor Center Netul River Room

Seaport Celebration

A FREE event with rare access to Captain William Clark's (recently located) 1806 Portland campsite.  The 2013 Seaport Celebration will have FREE parking and admission at the Port of Portland's Terminal 4 in the St. Johns neighborhood. Check out the entertainment, food, art, kid's stuff, $5 jet boat rides, restrictions (bring a photo I.D.).

CLICK HERE for Directions.

Volunteers are needed for a special mission.  The Oregon Chapter of the Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation will be joined at an adjacent display table by the Friends of Baltimore Woods, a St. Johns group working to acquire a natural viewpoint overlooking the campsite.  If you can help out at the booth for a shift at either 10 AM or 1 PM you'll have the most fun, so e-mail Steven McClure at to let us know. Re-enactors welcome (but no guns — sorry, Homeland Security rules). Please come even if you can't help at the booth.

Lewis and Clark Saltmakers Return!

August 16-18, 2013
5:00 p.m. Friday to 3:00 p.m. Sunday
Seaside, Oregon

Who would think boiling water could be so interesting? The Saltmakers Return to Seaside, August 16-18, in an annual sojourn into history where visitors can meet, trade, and talk with soldiers and civilians of the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery making salt for their return trip. Pacific Northwest Living Historian interpreters will set up a camp on the beach in south Seaside. Here they will make salt from seawater 24 hours a day from 5:00 p.m. Friday through 3:00 p.m. Sunday. This event will be on the beach at the west end of Avenue U in Seaside, Oregon. (From Highway 101 take Avenue U to the beach. From the Promenade in Seaside, walk south to where Avenue U meets the beach.)

The Saltmakers Return is a free interactive learning opportunity for the whole family. This weekend program is a 46-hour first-person historical interpretation of the 1806 winter salt making operation of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. After a brief orientation, the public is encouraged to walk into the camp and visit with members of the expedition who will be making salt by boiling seawater over a fire. This popular program attracts about 2,000 visitors each year.

Each year since 2001, The Seaside Museum & Historical Society partners with the Pacific Northwest Living Historians and Lewis and Clark National Historical Park to produce The Saltmakers Return to Seaside. This year’s event is sponsored by the Oregon Historic Trails Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation, Clatsop County Cultural Coalition, City of Seaside Promotions Committee and Public Works Department, The Tides Motel, Clatsop County Work Crew, and Oregon State Parks.

Members of the Pacific Northwest Living Historians have been portraying characters of the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery for these special programs since 2001. Their annual schedule includes The Saltmakers Return program in Seaside each August and Wintering Over at Fort Clatsop each January.

For more information, call Lewis and Clark NHP, Fort Clatsop at (503) 861-2471, ext 214 or the Seaside Museum & Historical Society at (503) 738-7065.

Cataclysms on the Columbia: The Great Missoula Floods

Dr. Scott Burns, professor of geology at Portland State University, describes the ice-age floods that carved out and changed the landscape of the Columbia River Gorge 12,000 to 15,000 years ago. The floods, caused by the repeated breaking of an ice dam on glacial Lake Missoula in western Montana, created the Pacific Northwest landscapes we know today, including scabland buttes, dry falls, and dried river channels. Over 50 percent of the topography of the Portland area owes its origin to the Missoula floods.

Scott Burns has been teaching for 43 years. He is professor of geology at Portland State University, where he has taught for 23 years.

Free to the Public!
An Oregon Encyclopedia Event

What Killed Lewis?

What Killed Lewis? Viable Theories or Fantasy? A Closer Look at the Prevailing Ideas in 2013 presented by David Peck, D.O. on Sunday, May 19, at 1:00 p.m.

Captain Meriwether Lewis died in October 1809, just three years after the expedition.  Some people believe it was suicide and others argue that it was homicide.  Dr. Dave Peck will lead a lively discussion on the current theories of what happened that night in Tennessee.

Dr. Peck is the author of Or Perish in the Attempt — The Hardship and Medicine of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, published by Bison Books/University of Nebraska Press in 2011. This book is available for purchase at the Lewis & Clark National Park Association bookstore in the visitor center.  Dr. Peck will have a book-signing following his presentation.

This monthly Sunday forum is sponsored by the Lewis & Clark National Park Association and the park. These programs are held in the Netul River Room of Fort Clatsop’s visitor center and are free of charge.

For more information, call the park at (503) 861-2471.

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