Second Sunday: Lewis and Clark Wildflower Discoveries

Join us this Mother's Day for our first Second Sunday: Lewis and Clark Wildflower Discoveries.

At 2pm, Joan Hockaday, a Lewis and Clark scholar and garden historian, will be speaking in the Plankhouse about the expedition's wildflower discoveries and the contributions that Native Americans have made to the expedition, as well as to western science. Check out her speaking profile on the Humanities Washington Website.

A Student in the Pacific Northwest: Sacagawea Travels the Columbia River

A Presentation by Dr. Robert Carriker.

In 1805-1806 Sacagawea was the same age as college students would be today and, like them, she exhibited a curiosity about the natural world and the people that she encountered in the Pacific Northwest. Using maps, illustrations and direct quotes from the journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, this presentation looks at the many ways that the Indian woman who accompanied the Corps of Discovery, contributed to its success and gained an education in the process

Dr. Robert Carriker currently serves as the Distinguished Professor of College of Arts & Sciences at Gonzaga University. He is the author and co-author of several books including "Ocian in view! O! The Joy!": Lewis and Clark in Washington State and America Looks West: Lewis and Clark on the Missouri.

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