Searching for York
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The Lewis & Clark Expedition was a pivotal moment in American history. But the story of York, a slave to William Clark from boyhood and comrade on this journey, has been obscured by omission and stereotype. Searching for York paints a portrait of this unofficial member of the Corps of Discovery as it discusses the ways in which history is written.

Our board member, Tom Wilson, writes: “I was honored to portray William Clark, pick a lot of the cast and scene locations, and act as one of the historical consultants. I had producers Beth Harrington and Ron Craig contact Joe Bradford, who was selected to portray York—an amazing man in many regards and great friend.”

The Volcanoes of Lewis and Clark

On October 7, 1805, Lewis and Clark and the "Corps of Discovery" began their journey down the Clearwater River and into the volcanics of the Pacific Northwest. The Corps travelled from the Clearwater to the Snake and down the "Great Columbia." finally reaching the Pacific Ocean on November 15, 1805. Along the journey they encountered the lava flows of the Columbia Plateau, river channels carved by the great "Missoula Floods." and the awesome beauty of five Cascade Range volcanoes.

More information on the The Volcanoes of Lewis and Clark.

Moulton's Lewis & Clark Journals, 12 Vol.

Powell's Books still has the Journals of the Lewis & Clark Expedition (edited by Gary Moulton), 12 volumes (all except the Atlas) in softcover, for $49.98 TOTAL. A super holiday present.

Please note: Volume one, the atlas of the journey, is not available in paperback, which is why this set starts with volume two (the atlas is available in hardback only for $250).

Friends of the Columbia Gorge Hikes

There is no place on Earth like the Columbia Gorge! And if you are looking for a great hike in the gorge, be sure to check out Friends of the Columbia Gorge.

Friends regularly leads hikes in the Gorge in the spring and fall. They include easy strolls, strenuous climbs, fun scrambles, and moderate hikes. Many hikes have a wildflower, natural history, or geology focus. hiking season begins September 7 and will run through January. Please see our current schedule for more information. For a list of hikes we have led in the past, please see our hike archive. To register for a hike please click on the provided link under each listed hike and it will direct you to a online registration page.

National Coast Trail Association

At the coast there is the great Fort-to-Sea trail, and you should connect to the National Coast Trail Association for more hiking at the coast.
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