Undaunted Courage Interview

Thanks to New York City Foundation member Del Miskie for alerting us to this great interview of Ed Norton, who talks about the HBO series he and Brad Pitt are doing based on Undaunted Courage. Thanks, too, to Bob Pawloski for finding the link! Enjoy.

"150 books, 200 years" a bibliography in honor of the Lewis and Clark bicentennial

"150 books, 200 years," a bibliography in honor of the Lewis and Clark bicentennial, is now available at:

The Governor-appointed Washington Lewis and Clark Trail Committee, the Washington State Chapter of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, and the Washington State Library, a division of the Office of the Secretary of State, have partnered to produce this bibliography. It is the third bibliography the three partners have produced in honor of the Lewis and Clark bicentennial. The final bibliography will encompass the two hundred most significant books published about the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Copies or reprints of nearly all the titles are available via interlibrary loan from the Washington State Library.

Lewis and Clark and San Diego?

Trivia Question: What does the Lewis & Clark Expedition have in common with San Diego?

In my research of "whatever happened to _________," I became interested in trying to figure out how to connect San Diego, California, my home town, to the Lewis and Clark Expedition. This site is very elementary, but I wanted a place to gather my research, so here we go.... [go to site]

Lewis and Clark : Across the Divide

Lewis and Clark : Across the Divide
Carolyn Gilman, Forward by James P. Ronda

The official companion to the Congressionally mandated Lewis and Clark: The National Bicentennial Exhibition.

Two hundred years ago Lewis and Clark, two men shaped by Jefferson's Enlightenment ideas, encountered an Indian world they only partly understood. Their discoveries and the artifacts from their journey reveal the contrasts, similarities, and creative exchange of ideas that occurred when different worlds met each other face-to-face. Lewis and Clark: Across the Divide expands and transforms a familiar story by fully exploring—for the first time—the cultural landscapes the expedition traversed.

Exhibition curator Carolyn Gilman draws from fifty different lending institutions to reassemble for the first, and likely the last, time the authentic artifacts of Lewis and Clark's journey across then-Indian lands. The result is a breathtaking new view of both the equipment the expedition used and the color, complexity, and diversity of the cultures they encountered. Because of the fragility of artifacts, the book documents more fully than the exhibition itself the equipment Lewis and Clark carried and the rich diversity of what was collected in this historic encounter of two worlds. To complete the picture, Native Americans share their experiences since Lewis and Clark's visit and embrace a hopeful vision for the future. 410 color photographs and illustrations.

Center for Columbia River History

Center for Columbia River History

To fulfill its mission — promoting broad public discussions about Columbia River Basin History and its connection to the present — the Center for Columbia River History applies critical historical methodology, engages directly with Columbia River Basin communities, and through a number of special projects, creates educational public history products on-line, in print, and through public educational programs.
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