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In View: January 2018

President's Corner

Newsletter 01-18-5-1
Dear Chapter Members,

We enjoyed a full 2017 and have big plans for 2018. In February,
Doug Erickson described “The Literary Corps of Discovery”, the impact of the L&C Expedition on 19th century art and literature. In April, 60 years after Celilo Falls fell silent, we hiked in to see petroglyphs and pictographs, including “She Who Watches” (Tsagaglalal), and heard Glen Kirkpatrick on the geological forces which formed the Columbia Gorge. In June we welcomed

Jon Burpee, the incoming superintendent of the Lewis & Clark National Historical Park, headquartered at Fort Clatsop. In September, Tom Wilson spoke about the salt-makers of the Corps. And at our December holiday potluck, Sally Freeman described the famous and unknown women who contributed to the success of the Expedition. We also welcomed Alisha Hamel to our board and said thanks and farewell to Lou and Eric Apodaca. Larry McClure has been working tirelessly to plan the Foundation’s 2018 annual meeting in Astoria. Watch upcoming issues of We Proceeded On and the Foundation website Registration opens at the end of February, but you may want to reserve hotel rooms sooner. We have a block of rooms available at a discount at the Astoria Holiday Inn— just mention the Lewis & Clark meeting.

I’m excited by our next chapter event, in February. We are co-hosting a screening of
Promised Land, a film about the struggle for northwest tribal recognition and a benefit for the Chinook Nation. Seating will be limited, so reserve now.

As the year begins, I would like to thank the board and all the other volunteers who make this chapter one of the most active in the Foundation. See you on the Trail!

Your most humble and obedient servant,
Mark Johnson

Newsletter 01-18-4-1
"Tom Wilson regales chapter members with tales
of saltmaking on the Oregon Coast, then and now.
He noted that the Corps’ celebrated November
1805 poll (don’t call it a “vote”, notes Tom,
it was a “solicitation”)—about where to spend
the winter—considered accessibility to saltmaking
as one of the main considerations.
"A Convenient Situation to Make Salt" — Sept. 2017
In September, 16 chapter members heard Tom Wilson, retired Astoria teacher and National Park Service Ranger at Fort Clatsop, speak on L&C’s saltmaking.

He reviewed the history of salt as currency, seasoning, and preservative and how he and others re-enact Lewis & Clark’s experience at today’s Seaside, where the explorers’ men harvested several bushels of sea salt in the winter of 1805–06.

Chapter Activities

Explore More!

Newsletter 01-18-9
Waterproof chapter members brave Lewis & Clark weather to visit the L&C campsite
at Captain William Clark Regional Park at Cottonwood Beach, in Washougal, Washington—
along the Columbia River—in an Explore More event in December 2015.

Thelma Haggenmiller and Lyn Trainer lead Explore More!, a series of chapter trips which include a Lewis & Clark connection but also help members learn about other historical and cultural events that happened since that time.

Watch your mail and e-mail, and especially the chapter website for more information and details.

Tom Laidlaw 1937–2017

Newsletter 01-18-7
Tom Laidlaw presents at an Oregon Chapter event in February 2017.
Our colleague Tom Laidlaw died in September. He dedicated much of his later years to historical reenactment and education in the Pacific Northwest. Tom led tours at local historic sites in Oregon and Washington and designed educational programs for many groups and institutions. He was an active leader with Road Scholar for 16 years, specializing in L & C history.

LCTHF 50 Logo Green-Astoria 2018-hi

Annual Meeting Registration opens in February

Organizing committee chair Larry McClure has announced the preliminary program for the foundation’s 50th annual meeting, in Astoria in October, 2018.

A highlight of the event will be a day’s presentations aboard the Portland Spirit, specially chartered for the expected 150 registrants plus over 100 local guests, while she cruises the Columbia River to view L&C sites from the water.

With national-level speakers, intensive tribal involvement, and a broad range of local L&C sites and museums, the meeting will provide an appropriate anniversary tribute to the foundation.

Registration will open on the national website in February with a full announcement in its magazine We Proceeded On.

Oregon Chapter's Name Badges — New Lower Price!
Send $10 and your name (as you want it to appear), to Ellie McClure, 17760 S.W. Cheyenne Way, Tualatin, OR 97062 ( Make checks payable to OR-LCTHF. (click the picture above to see a larger image.)

2018 Chapter Events

See the Events page for more details if available!

  • February 10, 5:00 Screening of Promised Land at the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center—a benefit for the Chinook Tribe. Reserve at 503-657-9336 or
  • March 3: Prof. Doug Deur speaks on the history of the L&C State/ National Parks in Oregon & Washington.
  • Spring: Tour the new-ish Gresham Storage Facility of the Oregon Historical Society.
  • October 7–10: National foundation meeting in Astoria.



Mark Johnson '19
Vice President
Glen Kirkpatrick ’18
Ted Kaye '19
Ellie McClure ’18
Jerry Aalfs ’20
Alisha Hamel ’19
David Ellingson ’20
Thelma Haggenmiller ’19
Dick Hohnbaum ’20
Mary Johnson ’18
Lyn Trainer ’19
Roger Wendlick ’18
Ex Officio
Jon Burpee
Hannah Crummé
Larry McClure

Please contact Mark Johnson with interest in Chapter service.

Honoree & New Board Member

Newsletter 01-18-6Newsletter 01-18-10

Thelma Haggenmiller (left) was recognized for her service at the chapter’s Annual Meeting. Alisha Hamel (right), Lewis & Clark veteran Lt. Col. (ret.), has joined our chapter’s board. During the Bicentennial she served as the Special Projects Officer for the Oregon National Guard. She is now historian for I Corps at Fort Lewis.

Holiday Potluck — December 2017

Newsletter 01-18-8
Sally Freeman, Fort Clatsop
ranger, describes the women
“Behind Every Great Man…”

Over 50 chapter members enjoyed the annual holiday celebration, with a potluck dinner, an engaging speaker, and a productive silent auction at the Tualatin Heritage Center. Attendees included guests from the Washington Chapter and descendants of Corps members Colter and Fields.

During the annual business meeting portion, chapter president Mark Johnson described the highlights of the year—including the events, volunteers, and projects—and our plans for next year; he had
Ellie McClure report on our sound financial position; and he presented Thelma Haggenmiller with a gift in recognition of her longtime support of the chapter.

In the election, members re-elected
Mark Johnson as president and Ted Kaye as secretary for two-year terms running through 2019, elected Alisha Hamel to fill a vacant director seat through 2019, and re-elected Jerry Aalfs, Dave Ellingson, and Dick Hohnbaum as directors for three-year terms running through 2020.

After the business meeting,
Sally Freeman, ranger at Fort Clatsop, delivered a fascinating talk on the women of the Lewis & Clark Expedition: “Behind Every Great Man…” She showed that while it is easy to think that Sacagawea was the only woman involved in the success of the Corps of Discovery, further research shows that many women were important in this chapter of American history.

Special thanks go to
Mary Johnson and Dick & Cathy Hohnbaum for organizing the event.

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